Our Technologies

iNNOGRITY specializes in several key areas in providing the best total solutions to its valued customers and business partners.

Control System:
We developed our own windows-based iNNCONSol for our automated equipments. It is fully customizable to suite various equipments’ applications.

iNNCONSol is capable of handling and integrates with multiple hardware like Motion Controller cards, Tester Interfacing, Laser Marking System, Vision System, Robotics System and etc, with high level of accuracy and speed.

We provide precise and accurate test solutions in our equipments for all Discrete devices, SOIC/SOP devices, DFN/QFN, D-PAK and etc.

Vision Inspection:
Our equipments are equipped with advanced vision inspection systems and are capable of inspecting most types of packages with high accuracy.

Our equipments are fully customizable to integrate with Laser Marking Systems, Testers, Vision Systems, SEC communication, Wafer tester, Trim and form machine etc.

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