NiT Alpha-S Series

The NiT Alpha-S series is a 16-heads turret based test handler developed to handle very small integrated circuit devices using the flexibility of vibrating bowl with short test time and high speed indexing.

This High Speed Test Handler has the flexibility of configuring multiple process capabilities to meet today’s demanding environment of high productivity semiconductor manufacturing on Test ,Laser Marking,Vision Inspections and Packing.

Some of its handling capabilities include multiple test sites, vision inspections, part orientation, laser marking, reject sorting in bucket and tape & reel modules. It also provides an easy conversion to various semiconductor packages.

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Products Specification
Specification NiT ALPHA-S
Package Type SOT family
SOD family
QFN family
Input Vibrating Bowl Feeder
Output Tape and Reel
Tube Stacker output
Sorting Bucket
Carrier Tape Type Embossed Carrier Tape
Test Sites Up to 4 characteristic Test Sites
Vision Inspection Mark Inspection
Lead Coplanarity / Pad Inspection
5-Side Inspection
Surface Inspection
In-pocket Inspection
Performance UPH up to 45K*, MTBA ≥ 1 hour
General Specification Dimension: 1,000mm (L) x 1,000mm (W) x 1,700mm (H)
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